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18 July 2008 @ 05:01 pm
Drabble #13  

Uhh, don't ask. I suck. I was a bit negative today and ended up with this.

Title: Rainbow
Fandom: NEWS, JE
Pairing: Nishikato
Rating: G
Word Count:  571

The world was never perfect. Nor will it ever be. Different sins infested the world. Conflicts occur in everyday life. Ultimately, every time you draw a breath, someone will be drawing their last.

Just these thoughts alone sent shivers down Shige’s spine. He drew in a breath, and continued writing. He couldn’t determine where his hand ended and where the pen began. But this was of no concern. All that matters was that his thoughts were flowing endlessly onto the paper. He sat there for what seemed like an eternity, thoughts just kept coming.

How he wished the world was perfect. Just for a second.

He paused for a moment, letting the thought came to him.

Someone walked into the room.

Shige ignored him, letting his mind control his hand.

Nor does that person acknowledge Shige’s presence. He walked back out of the room and closed the door with a bang. The hollow sound rang through Shige’s mind. Shige felt tears rolling down his cheeks.

The world is never perfect. He put down the pen and sat back, allowing the sadness to overwhelm him.

It had been 3 months since this started, and Shige was nearing his limit.

He put on his jacket and headed out into the cold, raining street. He paid no attention to his destination; his mind wandered, lost in thought. By the time he had realised it, he was soaking wet, tears and rain mingled into one.

Shige found himself standing on the beach, looking out into the grey ocean. He remembered this place as a welcoming and warm place, but now, everything changed. There was no laughter, there was no colour. It was as if something had sucked this place of its life, and left it to wither. The idol closed his eyes, once again letting the emotion flow.

He felt someone pull an umbrella over him and pulled him into an embrace.

 “What are you doing out here?” Familiar warmth spread through Shige’s body.

“N-Nishikido… I…”

“If you think standing out here trying to make yourself sick will make me forgive you, you are wrong.” Ryo hugged him tighter. “But to think you would be so stubborn…”

“Nishikido, I-“Shige started, but before he could even start his sentence, his mouth was shut by the other man’s lips. The sensation rippled through his body, warming his ice cold hands, and somehow, pulling his long lost happiness back into the world.

When they finally broke apart, the rain had stopped. Ryo was gazing into Shige’s eyes, and Shige knew, that the happiness is finally back. To think it all started with something stupid, Shige couldn’t forgive himself.

“I am sorry.” It had taken him 3 whole months to get these words out, but in his heart, he knew he had said that to Ryo before this ordeal had even started.

“You idiot,” Ryo smiled. Once again, Shige found himself being pulled into a hug. “And what’s with that crap of the world not being perfect?”

“It was just a thought…” Shige mind wandered to the writing that he did a while ago.

“It’s too dark, I tell you! Too dark!” Ryo pointed out to the sky above the ocean’s horizon.

A rainbow.

Shige looked at the strip of light that stretched across the sky. The couple bathed in the rainbow’s glow.

“Maybe, that was crap.”  He knew, deep down, that there is a perfect world after all.


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trails of glitter, not comments (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧: yasu approvesjojibear on July 18th, 2008 11:54 am (UTC)
Sapichu, dear ;____; That was beautiful~ And you wrote longer now~ Gem'll be happy xD